Historic facts

BGL is a 100% Brazilian company and market leader in sleeves for industrial bearings in South America. Supplying the whole range of Sleeves, Lock Nuts, Precision Nuts, Lock Washers, and tools like Hook Spanners, Hydraulic Nuts and Extension Pipes. The company principles - quality, agility and ethics, enable BGL to be recognized worldwide as a supplier of higher quality and precision parts.
BGL components are found in various industry segments such as mining, pulp and paper, conveyors, rock crushers, wind mills, fans, oil prospecting, agricultural machinery, textile machinery, lathes and machining centers, road and industry machinery in general, as well as other special applications for elevators, tractors, trucks and general equipment.
Higher standard quality is what has set BGL as industry leader and its products have been used by manufacturers of machinery and equipment around the world for decades. As a result of this commitment to quality, BGL is an ISO 9001 certified company.

Over 65 years of tradition

BGL was founded in August 14th 1957, located strategically in the city of Limeira, in the state of São Paulo, occupying an area of 13.000 m².

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BGL - Bertoloto & Grotta Ltda. | Sleeves for Bearings.
Av. Major José Levy Sobrinho, 1296 | Boa Vista
13486.190 | Limeira-SP | Brasil
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