Hydraulic pump is a device that transfers the liquid contained in the reservoir to the equipment connected with it. With this generated pressure, it is possible to move heavy bodies extremely easy, when the correct tools are applied.

Applications: These are indicated to use together with the sleeve and hydraulic nuts. In the hydraulic adapter sleeves they have the function of injecting oil into the slits, and in the hydraulic nuts, they are responsible for driving the piston to push or remove the assembly (bearing/sleeve).
They have several applications such as: assembly and disassembly of bearings mechanically coupled with the hydraulic nut; Disassembly of bearings with tapered bore assembled on hydraulic adapter sleeves; Disassembly of parallel bore bearing assembled on the shaft prepared for injecting oil. Diverse applications in the area of industrial maintenance, within the limits of the maximum pressure according to each model of hydraulic pump.

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The hydraulic adapter sleeves are provided with slits for oil injection and make easy the disassembly of the set, mainly after long period of use. The sleeves have fine walls and, when assembled in a distance from the shaft face, they need to have a proper connection, so that the connection of the pump can be made.

To meet this need, the BGL has extension tubes adequate for each possibility of oil inlet into the sleeves, being (M4, M6, M8, G1/8, G1/4) and at the other end ¼ BSP for connection to the outlet hose of the pump.

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